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I started going to the Yoga Garden several years ago. It wasn't the closest studio to my home, but due to a temporary road closure, I found myself wandering farther out to try a yoga class. I am so grateful that the door I walked into was Sara's! That first class with her was life-changing. I had done yoga before, but the way Sara guided her classes was unique and transformative. Since that first day, I have been to many classes at the Yoga Garden, and while they are always fresh and varied, that special vibe has remained the same. When the pandemic hit and we couldn't go in person, I wondered how online yoga would feel. It was a lifesaver!  Plus the Yoga Garden not only supports the students in class, but they also support our community. Whether they are sponsoring a youth team or offering yoga classes for special programs or school district staff, the Yoga Garden team gives back! I am so excited to begin doing classes in person again at their new location. The Yoga Garden is truly a special gem in the Snoqualmie Valley. 

Yoga Mats


The instructors of the Yoga Garden are skilled teachers and creators of a welcoming and wonderful community of practice. With their help, I’ve experienced greater strength, balance, and an overall enhanced sense of well-being.

Yoga Mats


I can’t say enough good things about Yoga Garden in Duvall. I am not one for going to classes and feeling the competition. I like to go at my pace but also be pushed to do more.

I can’t explain how the instructors at Yoga Garden balance just the right amount of push, but also know that each person knows their body best. Each class begins with checking in on everyone to see how they are feeling and what they would like to work on.

Yoga Garden offers a great variety of classes. You can find everything from Core and Barre to slow-flow. If you want a one-on-one class those are also available.

There are lots of days and times to choose from. I am retired and I like middle-of-the-day classes which I can find at Yoga Garden. As I said, I can’t say enough good things about Yoga Garden and the well-trained, kind, customer-focused, staff.

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