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Welcome we are so glad you are here!

Welcome to the Yoga Garden where we pride ourselves in making everyone feel at home.

We know that coming to a yoga studio for the first time can be intimidating and that might have questions, and that is totally normal!

Read a little bit about what you can expect from our in-studio classes below.

Your First Visit

In some ways, your first visit has already begun! Yea you!  Before you even set foot in the studio there are a few steps you can do to make that first trip in to see us easy!


1) Create a new student account in MindBody.


2) This process will also ask you to complete the new student waiver, please read and acknowledge this waiver. 


3) E-mail us a photo of your COVID-19 Vaccination Card to


4) Sign yourself for some classes! Yipee!


5) On the day of your class, plan on arriving at the studio ten minutes prior to start time. We are located at 15611 Main St NE, Duvall, Unit B above The Grange restaurant. Enter through the white gate located on Main Street and to the left of The Grange's entrance. Follow the path to a set of stairs on your right and come on up. 

6) As you enter the studio please remove your shoes and layers not needed. Shoes can be left near the benches near the front door and coats hung on the racks provided. 

7) We'll be looking for you and will go out of our way to introduce ourselves and help you get oriented into the space. 

8) What to bring: A willingness to try new things, a water bottle, a mat if you have one (but don't go buy one if you are just trying things out we do have some mats available).


9) What to wear: It doesn't have to be fancy or tight. Just wear comfortable clothes that allow your body to move without restrictions. You can practice yoga in any clothing but the more comfortable you feel the better.  

If you'd like a tour of the studio, have questions or would like to chat first about classes, your goals you can e-mail our owner Sara or Melissa They both love to help students find the best class for their specific needs so don't hesitate to reach out.

Colorful Flags
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