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Meet Our Top Rated Instructors

"Family isn’t always blood, it’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are, the ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.”

-Maya Angelou. 

We love our team and know you will too!

Sara Headshot 2021.jpg

Sara Tharrington

Owner and Instructor Yoga

Sara Tharrington has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and is a 200 and 500 hour RYT.


She loves functional movement and taking yoga off the mat and into life!


Currently, her favorite pose is savasana with her dog.

Melissa Greece_edited_edited.jpg

Melissa Barnet

Owner and Instructor Yoga and Barre

Melissa holds two 200 RYT Certifications, plus certifications in Barre, Yin Yoga, & Yoga Nidra.  

These days her favorite yoga pose is a simple flowing cat-cow to find all kinks and quickly link movement to breath.


Cami Leblanc

Instructor and Yoga Therapist 

 Cami is a 500 RYT and Certifed Yoga Therapist holding a C-IAYT certification. She also holds Masters's Degree in Exercise Science and is a Registered Dietician.

Cami's favorite yoga pose is Happy Sacrum Pose as it allows a release of body and mind in a supportive way. 

Tana Headshot.jpg

Tana Daugherty 


Yoga and Meditation

Tana is a 200- Hour RYT Vinyasa and 50-Hour RYT Yin Yoga certified Instructor. She holds various meditation and special population certifications and is a Reiki Master, certified crystal healer, EFT practitioner, and reflexologist.  

Tana's favorite pose: Sleeping Swan in Yin otherwise known as Pigeon in traditional classes.  

Melissa Bissel Headshot.jpg

Melissa Bissel

Instructor, Kids Calm

Melissa is certified in Yoga Calm. Her focus is teaching youth from the littlest yogi into high school. She is currently pursuing her 200-Hour RYT Certification! 


Melissa's favorite Yoga pose is always changing but today she is enjoying:

  • Cobra

  • Childs pose

  • Figure 8

  • Supta Baddaha Konasana 

Michelle G_Headshot.jpg

Michelle Gorman

Instructor, Yoga 

Michelle is 200-Hour RYT Certified Yoga Instructor with extra love for Yin/Restorative, tween, mother/daughter Yoga.

In addition to Yoga Michelle is a Reiki Master, Intuitive Healing Guide, and Registered Nurse.

Michelle's favorite pose is Dancer.

Beth Moon Headshot.jpg

Beth Moon


Yoga  and Meditation

 Beth holds a 200 -Hour RYT certification and is a True Purpose Life Coach.

She is a gifted yoga, meditation, and movement teacher.

Beth's favorite yoga pose is Pigeon.

Brenda Headshot_edited.jpg

Brenda Hunt

Instructor Yoga

Brenda holds a 200 -Hour YTT Yoga Certification focused on Vinyasa, and a 25-Hour advanced training in meditation.

Brenda's favorite Yoga Pose is the one-legged chair in figure four for its ability to provide a delicious hip opener.  

Michelle P_Headshot.jpg

Michelle Proffit

Instructor Pilates, Yoga, and Barre

Michelle is certified to teach both Stott Pilates Mat and Reformer. She holds additional certifications in Yoga Tune-Up (myofascial), AFAA Group Exercise, and NASM Personal Training.  


Michelle's favorite pose is pigeon.  Where "we are forced to slow down, lean into what we feel and take a moment to breathe."


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